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Admission Process.

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Welcome to the 2018 -2019 Admission season for Saint James' Episcopal School. We are honored that you are interested in applying to our School. Admission begins in January, and remains open on a rolling basis until all classes are full. Once a class is full, a wait list is created to fill vacancies.


To submit before the application deadline:

How Admission Decisions Are Made
Saint James' admits new students on the basis of character, past academic day care or school experience, and assessment of the child's potential to profit from and contribute to the life of the School. Among qualified applicants, students are accepted in the following order: (1) current students and their siblings (2) pledging parishioners of Saint James' Episcopal Church (3) Priority applicants, and (4) all others. Admission continues on a rolling basis until all classes are full. Our commitment to diversity and desire to maintain an inclusive community, which includes students and families of all ethnic, economic, religious and racial backgrounds, is fundamental to our philosophy and mission.

New Elementary Applicant Visit
Applicants new to the Elementary Program are required to visit the School for a half-day (K-2) and full day (grades 3-5). Student visits are scheduled by appointment. Evaluation tests will be administered.

Parent Interview
Parents of new elementary applicants are required to meet with the Head of School, Rector, and Admission personnel. Interviews are scheduled by appointment.

School Records or Transcripts
All records or transcripts must be sent directly from the applicant's school to Saint James' using the Records Release form.

Student Recommendations
Applicants to the Elementary Program must provide a recommendation from their current teacher using the Prospective Student Evaluation form.

If you are a current student or the sibling of a current student, use this guideline >

Application for Admission (for use by new applicants, available February 1)
New Applicant fee $100 paid online
To complete a New elementary student's application:
Forward Prospective Student Evaluation form to current teacher within two weeks after online application is made
Forward Records Release form to current school within two weeks after online application is made
Schedule New Elementary Applicant Visit and Parent Interview (call the School Office at 540-347-3855)
Upon acceptance for all students:
Tuition contract due March 16 or within two weeks after acceptance
School fee, non-refundable ($125 preschool, $300 grades 1,2,4,5; $400 for grade 3 which includes technology fee) due March 16 or within two weeks after acceptance
Original birth certificate, if not already on file (we will copy and return original)
One month's non-refundable tuition (billed by FACTS) due May 10 or 20, depending on your contract
Current immunization records (all preschool students) or
School Entrance Health Form (new elementary students only) due August 1 or within two weeks after acceptance


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