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SAINT James' Episcopal School Board of Directors.

The Saint James' Episcopal School Board of Directors has been created by the authority of the vestry of St. James' Episcopal Church of Warrenton to provide oversight and direction to the School and to support the policies and goals of the School. The School, a division of the St. James' Episcopal Church of Warrenton, is designed to promote the Christian, moral, intellectual, physical, social and artistic development of children through the provision of educational enrichment and related programs to children.

The Board is comprised of persons who represent both the Church and School community representing a wide variety of professions and expertise. All members are nominated by the Governance Committee of the Board, and elected by a three-fourth’s majority of voting members of the Board with confirmation by the Vestry. Elected terms of office begin on August 1 of the year of the election and end on July 30 of the third year thereafter. All members of the Board have the ability to vote on motions.

Jill Hodgson, Chairperson Shannon Garrison
Hali Barbeau, Vice Chairperson Bob Rust
Lauren Lawson, Secretary Diane Roteman
Luke Bartee, Treasurer Luke Marshall
Jennifer Taylor, Vestry Liasion Brittany O'Bannon
Stacey Irvin, Head of School Josh Griffin
The Reverend Benjamin Maas, Rector  
Scott Hook  


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