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The Saint James' community is a place where a sense of belonging abounds. The faculty and staff of Saint James' are dedicated to preparing our children in a loving and nurturing way to live in God's world. We learn and pray together in a cooperative spirit and in doing so, foster a community that values both faith and reason and respects the dignity of every human being.

The families and students of Saint James' Episcopal School are an important part of our community. Many of our signature events are organized and directed by parent volunteers. From classroom parties to school-wide celebrations, one can find parent volunteers working side by side with teachers to plan and coordinate; to obtain prizes and centerpieces; to make and serve food as well as construct sets, make costumes, and locate props. When parents show their dedication to the School, their children model the behavior and learn to live a life of service beyond self.

We could not be a true community without Saint James' Episcopal Church. The union between Church and School presents a unique and special place, where God is the center of life and love of learning is the center of education. We work together both locally and globally to give back to the world that the children will inherit. Parishioner volunteers are often seen in the School, helping teachers in classrooms, setting up the altar for student services or polishing the brass items for Church.

The Saint James' community extends beyond the walls of the School and Church. It overflows into the community in which we live, work and play. We take pride that our school grounds are located in the heart of Old Town Warrenton, voted one of "America's Prettiest Places." Local businesses such as the library, bank, and bakery open their doors to our students for field trips and "community helper week." We open our gates for residents to use our space for meetings, events and worship services.

Whether you are an alumnus, a current SJES family or a prospective family, we open our hearts to you, and welcome you to the Saint James' community!