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As an Episcopal school, Saint James' strives to create an inclusive environment where all faiths are not just appreciated, but contribute to a more vibrant community.  Yet it is the Christian formation that distinguishes Saint James' and serves as a critical component to the nurture of the whole child.

During this most critical time in a child's moral, social, and spiritual development, the School believes that all children benefit from the realization that they are beloved children of God with the potential to positively change the lives of others by the choices they make and the course they set for themselves.

Preschool students participate regularly in chapel.  They learn bible stories through song, storytelling, arts and crafts, and time spent with the Church rector. The stories provide the building blocks for the children's moral and social formation in later years.

Elementary students learn about the church year, liturgy, essential virtues, and service. Through morning assembly, age appropriate worship, monthly service projects, choral instruction, virtue of the month, and classroom time, considerable opportunity is provided for students to pull the stories from the pages of scripture into their own lives.

Clear evidence shows the need to equip students with the tools needed to make grounded ethical decisions.  In our world today the need for this moral compass has never been greater.