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Investing in your child’s education at Saint James' is an investment in his or her future. Tuition varies based on type of program, number of days, and time. Preschool classes are three hours, unless otherwise noted. Please refer to the data below for 2018-2019 annual tuition costs.

Tuition may be paid in full to Saint James’ Episcopal School by May 20; or by other increments via payment plan through the FACTS program. Tuition will be due on the 10th or 20th of the month with this May's tuition applied to next May's tuition.

Limited tuition assistance is available for qualifying families. Please contact the Business Office for information.

Preschool Annual Tuition

Two by Twos (age 2 by September 30)

2 Day Two by Twos (TTH) $2,670

2 Day Two by Twos (WF) $2,670

3 Year Old Programs (age 3 by September 30)

2 Day Preschool (WF) $2,670

3 Day Preschool (MTTH) $3,280


4-5 Year Old Programs (age 4 by September 30)

3 Day, 4 Hour PreK (MTTH) $4,045

4 Day, 4 Hour PreK (T-F) $4,935

5 Day, 3 Hour PreK (M-F) $4,780

Elementary Annual Tuition

Kindergarten (age 5 by September 30) $8,090

First Grade through Fifth Grade $8,910


Non-Refundable Fees:

Priority Application Fee $100

New Student Application Fee $100

Kindergarten Application Fee $100

Re-enrollment Fee $50

Preschool School Fee $125

Kindergarten - Grade 2, Grades 4 - 5 School Fee $300

Grade 3 School Fee $400, includes technology fee for purchase of a Chromebook that stays with student after graduation




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