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Three distinct bodies work together to set governing policy for Saint James' Episcopal School. They are the school’s administration (as represented by our Head of School), a board of trustees made up of parents and community members who are chosen by election, and the Saint James' Episcopal Church Vestry. This arrangement allows for a range of perspectives during the decision-making process and is important to achieving consensus on issues that affect the entire Saint James' community.

Head of School

Stacey L. Irvin

Saint James' Episcopal School Board of Trustees

Scott Christian, Chairperson
Jen Taylor, Vice Chairperson

Dr. Katie Bovee
Mary B. Colville
Chris Gay
Bene Giglio, Liaison
Bob Irving


The Reverend Ben Maas
Caroline Riley
Susan Scarborough
Katherine Doeller Sinclair
Margy Thomas, Secretary
Warren Watkins, Treasurer
Paige Wines