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"Our experience at Saint James' has been nothing but extraordinary. You and your team have loved our girls and instilled how much God truly loves them daily, and for that we are grateful for each hour spent at school. Thank you again for embracing us into the SJES family."
- SJES parent

"I am shown every day how wonderful this place is: the students, the staff, the church. One day a student who had been out ill and hospitalized, returned to school for a visit. When the student stepped into the Parish Hall, ALL of the students in the lunchroom burst into a round of applause at the sight of their fellow classmate. It was such an amazing, heartfelt moment. Words cannot do it justice. There was so much real emotion, real love, complete unity. These children and this school are fantastic."
- SJES staff member


"Just wanted to let you know that [my son and his fellow SJES alumni classmate] received the "Premio De Oro" award in the National Spanish exams (Pre-Level 01) for distinguished participation with a 95-100%.  They were the only two 6th grade Highland students to receive this level on this award.  Please thank [your Spanish teacher] for laying the foundation for [my son] to be a successful Spanish student."
- SJES fifth grade alumni parent

"Today, at Brumfield, they had the third quarter awards ceremony. Brumfield recognizes kids for a “heart of kindness” award. It is given to kids who show empathy for other children and those who go out of their way to help their fellow students and teachers. The award is NOT easily earned and very precious to those who receive it. As each class went through their recipients, it was like a "Who’s Who" of Saint James' graduates. I just thought you and your fellow teachers should know that what you do every day DOES matter and it reaches far beyond the years of attendance at Saint James'. Thank you for aiding our children in being better people."
- SJES parent

"From the first day I walked in the building (which I think was one of your first days, too!) I have loved it there and never had any doubt that it was the only preschool I would send the kids to. I could go on and on but I am already close to tears as it is. My kids have always felt so welcome and loved at Saint James' and that's the most anyone can ask for from a preschool. I really think [my son] still thinks of Mrs. May as his grandma and not his teacher! I appreciate so much everything you and all the teachers and staff have done for us and believe me, we will miss "our" school home so much. Thanks for everything!"
- SJES parent