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Investing in a Saint James' education from preschool 2 through grade 5 is capitalizing on the formative years of your child, ensuring the intentional development of intellect and character.  The School provides a stimulating educational environment, cultivating the intellectual and spiritual promise of each student, and instilling a love for learning. Academic success coupled with a clear value system create a foundation that gives each student the ability to navigate gracefully through life.

The SJES experience empowers students to be productive, conscientious, and well-rounded, completely capable of meeting future challenges in life.  Students are fully prepared to make a significant contribution to any community they choose to join in the future.

With an average student to teacher ratio of 8:1, our small classes allow for:

  • an authentic relationship between student and teacher.
  • individualized attention needed to succeed, ultimately building self-esteem in students.
  • a partnership between teacher and parent.

Our thematic-based curriculum meets the objectives set forth by the Virginia Standards of Learning; however, our focus is on learning how to think critically and solve problems creatively. Impact is made not only on academic success but in confidence, character development, and faith.

With a strong component of service to others, our students learn on a daily basis the importance of giving back. They perform school-wide service projects, which foster action and initiative, and impart respect for the local and global community. Saint James' prepares students to lead with compassion and to live a life of genuine meaning and purpose.