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Saint James’ Episcopal School is a “community of love” that creates a learning environment where children thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. This approach is cohesive with our religious formation, which has two primary goals. First, every student knows that he/she is a beloved child of God and second, every student is given unique gifts and God has a special purpose for each of them.  Our mission statement is “Experience the Episcopal traditions of service, compassion, and respect; Enrich the whole child through the joy of learning, creativity, and faith; Excel and grow in grace.” This mission statement reflects the religious formation goals and is supported by the following “Virtues of the Month.”

September: The Golden Rule / Respect
October:  Honesty and Courage
November:  Thankfulness and Heritage
December:  Patience and Generosity
January:  Friendship and Self-Confidence
February:  Love
March:  Compassion
April:  Grace
May:  Responsibility

These virtues are reinforced throughout the school day in a variety of ways and contexts.  Throughout the school day students are encouraged to live the mission statement by practicing the virtues in the classroom, the hallway, and the playground.  Teachers coach the students in the virtues informally during the day incorporating them into the curriculum and focusing on them specifically during morning assembly for elementary students and during chapel with preschoolers as well as class meetings.