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Our goal in the preschool classroom is to create an environment of happy children that are excited to explore, building a positive foundation that sets the tone for their future school years. Schedules are designed around how the children handle transitions, how to balance quiet and active time, and how to add special activities into the day.  A typical day consists of the following:

  • Playroom - Inside free time
  • Class Arrival - Unpack; snack on shelf, lunch on shelf, bottle in basket, folders in baskets, bags/coats hung up (Independence/Responsibility)
  • Circle Time - The Pledge of Allegiance, job chart, calendar, weather, reporter, poem, letters/numbers/patterns/names/“mat man” (Listening/Class participation/Taking turns)
  • Chapel - Songs, stories, and movement (Listening/Participation/Gross motor skills)
  • Recess - Outside free time (Gross motor skills/Social skills)
  • Snack - Healthy snack packed from home (Prayer/Table manners/Social skills)
  • Craft/Theme - Crafts, creative time, manipulatives (Directions/Fine motor skills)
  • Story Time - Teacher-read stories/Guest readers, sometimes discussions (Listening/Quiet participation)
  • Music Class - once per week, singing, movement, instruments (Listening/Singing/Playing instruments)
  • Lunch - Lunch packed from home (Prayer/Table manners/Social skills)
  • Writing - Handwriting Without Tears, experiments for Science, fun with Math, games (Fine motor, small group dynamics)