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At Saint James' Episcopal School, each grade level offers unique areas of opportunity for students to learn, grow and appreciate.  These signature programs are known throughout the School as something to aspire to as students move up through the grades. The School itself has its own signature programs as well which include our Christmas pageants, elementary spring musicals, Night at the Museum, and moving up festivities.  These programs help make Saint James' the special place it is!

Mother's Day Tea
Breakfast with Dad
Thanksgiving Play and Luncheon

Grade 1:
"Our Town" Exhibit
National Pickle Day Celebration
101 Days of First Grade

Grade 3:
Ancient Greece and Rome museum
Poetry House
El Mercado de la Navidad (with Spanish class)

Grade 5:
"Mock" Trial
King's Dominion STEM Education Day
Individual Service Project

100th Day
Christmas around the World

Grade 2:
Wax Museum
Flat Stanley
Ancient Egypt study

Grade 4:
Jamestown/Yorktown/Williamsburg overnight trip
A Christmas Carol performance