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  • Want to be a Gala Sponsor?

    Your sponsorship will reach approximately 500 Church families and 120 School families while supporting the children in our SJES community:

    • Winner’s Circle $500+ - Receive one $10K Derby reverse raffle ticket, special recognition during the event, logo on school banner displayed in the school parking lot prior to the event and on all event marketing materials and school/auction website through May 15.
    • Trifecta $200-$499 - Logo on all event marketing materials and school/auction website through May 15. 
    • Win, Place or Show $25 - $199: Business or family name on school website through May 15. 

    Send your sponsorship request and logos (PDF, PNG, or JPG files) to Please note that sponsors must be confirmed by the SJES business office prior to inclusion in all marketing materials. The School and the entire Saint James’ community are grateful for your support. Follow our Gala Facebook page for all the latest information!

  • Thank You, Sponsors!

    Magnolia Home Team, O'Bannon Family, Ever Nest Home Care, Marshall Family, Skipper & Phoebee, Dent Group, Walker Jones, Allen Real Estate, LDMI, Piedmont Pediatrics, Gulick, Carson & Thorpe, SNL Construction, Lare Family, Hottle & Associates, Waldron Family, Brennan Family, Taylor Family, Oak View Bank!

  • $10K Derby Fun Starts Now!

    We are now selling tickets for the $10K Derby reverse raffle, scratcher tickets to win Old Town Warrenton gift certificates, and "boxtails" for your at-home Derby party! The online auction will start on April 23, but you can watch it unfold!  Go to our Gala website here >

  • We have limited spaces in preschool and elementary for the 2021-22 school year so please call for availability.  Learn how to apply here >